Our Stay at The Ocean Vista Azul in Varadero Overall was Nice

Agent Kiki Dimakis · By Reena G · in Varadero, Cuba

Hi Kiki,

Our stay at the Ocean Vista Azul in Varadero overall was nice. Just a few issues for you to consider. The food isn't good and it's difficult to get into restaurants because they don't take reservations. They don't have many options. We also found the pool very noisy and it was hard to sleep. Service was overall decent. Our biggest issue was the beach. It was dirty, covered in sharp shells and the water is filled with jellyfish. It was scary. We noticed that the resort is under construction which could be the reason why it isn't a developed. I stayed at the Riu Varadero a few years ago and it was older but very developed. Also, I think the wildlife in the sea is probably just because it's a new property and its humans taking over lol. However we really wish the beach was cleaner. That being said we had a nice time. I would suggest the resort to people who like to be by the pool. It's very lively. I think it's also good for an older crowd.

Thanks for your help! We will definitely contact you in the future.

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

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