Mazatlan's Top 5 Activities for 2019

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Palace Hotels shares with you our insider's tips for a great Mazatlan experience

We get it. Among the many beautiful Mexican destinations, Mazatlan is perhaps not top of your list. It could be that you have never visited our city, it has been a long time or you were just here for a few hours as part of a cruise ship.

Mazatlan has come a long way since first generations of Canadians started coming. It now offers unique and interesting travel experiences that set it apart from other destinations.

We share with you our Palace Hotels top 5 activities for 2019. They will change the way you see our city:
1.   Farm to Table Mazatlan
2.   Baseball game in the new Venados' stadium
3.   Day trip to colonial towns
4.   Discover an award-winning microbrewery, Cerveceria Tres Islas
5.   Join a Taco Tour with Canadian chef Alastair
Scroll down for details about each activity.

No. 1. Farm to Table Mazatlan: Feb. 2019

Farm to Table movements around the world strive to strengthen the link between local, farm-fresh produce and the food that we eat. These types of events have, for many years, been celebrated in North America and Europe. 

Farm to Table Mazatlan is currently the only one celebrated in Mexico and, thanks to chef Alastair Porteous from Water's Edge Bistro in Mazatlan, it has been successfully received by the community since 2014. 

Nestled just a few feet from rows of organic crops, Farm to Table is a celebration of the harvest served family style that includes platters of seafood, meat, pasta, salads, & desserts, paired with cocktails, wine, craft beer, and coffee. Live music contributes to make a memorable afternoon on the farm that promises to delight the senses.

For each edition, regional chefs invite you to celebrate the flavors of our local, organic harvest with a gala banquet sitting amongst the most beautiful natural restaurant. Chefs prepare and cook haute cuisine dishes before your eyes right after selecting and cutting their own ingredients in this large garden. 

The February 2019 event will take place at La Viñata Los Osuna location.

A one-of-a-kind experience!

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No. 2. Watch an exciting ball game in a visitor-friendly new stadium

When was the last time you enjoyed a professional ball game right in the stadium? Did you know that baseball is the sport loved by locals in Mazatlan?

The Venados (Deer) are an incredible team. Now they have a brand-new stadium to show their talent. The beautiful stadium features a new international, full-service area with English speaking personnel and an amazing menu served by Water’s Edge Bistro.

This is a unique, affordable and family-friendly activity only available in Mazatlan and no other beach destination in Mexico.

Among the many food options, you will even find Putine!

No. 3. Day trips to colonial towns

Mazatlan has plenty of culture and history. The towns around Mazatlan offer a rare glimpse at the past. These beautiful colonial towns have been restored and preserved for generations to come.

Day trips are available to El Quelite, nested on the banks of the Quelite River. Guided tours include visits to its church, local shops and a lovely shop.

La Concordia is another community located only 25 minutes away from the city. Local shops manufacture furniture, pottery and bricks. The same tour usually includes Copala, a 400-year-old town located in the foothills of the Sierra Madre Mountains. Plenty of historical buildings to visit by foot, including the old prison and the San Jose church.

There are many options for local tours with service in English. We always recommend Pronatours. They are incredibly professional and offer a wide range of options for local tours.

No. 4. Taste the best craft beer in town!

Cerveceria Tres Islas is truly a hidden gem! This award-winning micro-brewery is located nearby the Golden Zone this company was created by a young Mazatleco.

Lonely Planet calls it Mazatlan’s best craft beer on tap. “The hoppy IPA and Belgian-style saison go down nicely on a warm day. On Thursday and Friday nights you're likely to catch DJ sets or live music acts. There's no kitchen, but you're allowed to order in food.”

If you enjoy a good beer, then this is a MUST!

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No. 5. Join a cool Taco Tour with Canadian chef Alastair Porteous

Cool and unique introduction to Mazatlan's street food with Canadian chef Alastair Porteous. Chef Alastair runs renowned Water’s Edge Bistro in Mazatlan.

Chef Alastair best describes his tour... 

“Every Thursday sign in for a one of a kind immersion in the taco gastronomy of our town. Learn all there is to know around the authentic street tacos and the Mazatlan specialities like the Vampiros, the tacos de Adobada, the Papas Locas and much more to enjoy in our selection of street stands well-known for the quality of their ingredients. All of this could only happen getting there in the most fun and typical way, yes we're talking about riding an Auriga (red truck)! loaded with beverages, enjoying the breeze and safely taking all of us to all these delicious places. Too hot for it? No worries, first stop: the Tres Islas local Brewery, a friendly tavern where you can refresh yourselves with 4 kinds of artisanal beer while learning how they are made at this amazing microbrewery."

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